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End of Day
End of Day
Good morning team, Chris Conway your Head of Research here with your First Look. The Aussie market is expected to open lower later this morning, after Wall Street closed in nega...
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Since its establishment in January of 2006, HC Securities has been providing clients with a unique broking service.

The catalyst for the establishment of HC Securities was the gap that seemed to exist between full service brokers and online brokers. Full service brokers, while they offered specific and personalised investment advice, were often expensive and inaccessible to the "average" investor. And with the advent of the online broker, anyone who could turn on a computer could gain direct access to the market, but it was too easy for an investor to fall over, due to the extreme lack of help and advice.

Recognising the trend, the founders of HC Securities determined that there was a genuine need for a broking service that offered investors the proper guidance and support necessary to profit from the market. A service that fused the advantages of investing with a traditional, full-service firm with the increased convenience and reduced cost associated with utilising an online broking platform. And so HC Securities was born.

By building on this simple idea, HC Securities has become one of Australia's most successful brokers. Today, HC Securities maintains over 3,500 retail and wholesale client relationships.